Sensors for lighting control


Sensors for lighting control

Sensors are a very important element of a lighting control system, as they are the components that register a signal and convert it into a control signal, thus activating the system.


Make the right choice!

There are many kinds of sensors to choose from, and you must therefore make sure that the sensor you choose satisfies your requirements and needs. Some types can be used inside and outside, while other types should be used indoors.


You often need several types of sensors for the same control.


Movement sensors

A movement sensor switches on the lights when it detects movement and a temperature

change of ±5°C. Movement sensors are called PIR sensors (passive infrared).

But a movement sensor is not just a movement sensor. Servodan develops sensors that each

have their own strengths, so it is important to choose the right sensor for the room.


Occupancy sensors

Put simply, a occupancy sensor is a movement sensor with the latest technology, which means that it can detect movements down to a level of 4-5 cm. It can thus "see" people in a room, even if they are just there and hardly moving at all.


If you want the best possible detection of people in a room, occupancy sensors are the preferred solution.

Occupancy sensors can achieve very good detection rates, as they use ultrasound combined with PIR technology.


Light sensor

A light sensor has an integrated light-sensitive element, which changes characteristics depending on the strength of the light.


The light sensor sends a signal to the Control unit, which switches the light on/off or dims it.


Servodan’s light sensors are specified and adapted to the individual systems, which is why the determining factor for choice is usually the lux range.


Our 24 V DC light sensor has 4 lux ranges, which span from 3 to 60 K lux.








Quick, simple installation (230 V). The products measure the light level, detect movement and control the light.









System components

The system components are designed to detect movement or measure the light level. The Controller takes care of the actual control.


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